Financial Investigations
Financial Investigations - image of a magnifying glass over a hundred dollar bill

In an era of rampant white-collar crime and executive misconduct, companies and organizations find themselves more at risk than ever. Corporate funds, assets, proprietary research and information become targets of the unscrupulous. When there is the suspicion of insider wrongdoing, often owners and management have neither the time nor the skill to effectively search out suspected improprieties. And an internal probe by the legal department, human resources or other corporate entity could potentially compromise the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation.

Because of our years of experience and demonstrated expertise in financial investigations, The Griego Agency is often retained to carry out discreet individual and multi-level inquiries into suspected fraudulent behavior, while maintaining a low profile and without disturbing the client's everyday business activities. Clients have engaged The Griego Agency to investigate:

  • Embezzlement
  • Internal Theft
  • Fraudulent Invoicing
  • Vendor Kickbacks
  • Insider Complicity
  • Falsification of Financial Statements
  • Bankruptcy Fraud